Eat my house
Eat my house
We have all the tasty and delicious home-cooked food and delivery to home

All kinds of stuffed meat, stuffed with cabbage, stuffed with grape leaves, stuffed with tomato, stuffed with pepper
Pane is hot, cold and crispy
Shish Tawouk hot and cold and crispy
Sampus with chopped meat, vegetables and cheese
Baked with delicious balsamic
Macaroni with balsamic, chicks and vegetables
Sunny grilled with chopped meat
Grilled chicks on charcoal
Grilled kofta on the oven
Stuffed potato stuffed with delicious meat
Kebab is a luxurious solution
His cup of rice is delicious
Delicious stuffed entree
Chicks with spices and Indian spices
Culinary and delicious eating with my home or speech

Delivery Service Phone: 01123997980
Kitchen Umm Khatab to eat delicious home

Eat my house

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